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Guardian Data Destruction – Looking Towards the Future

Guardian Data Destruction – Looking Towards the Future

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Glenn Laga

Guardian Data Destruction is always looking into the future to how and where new data storage devices may be used outside the conventional computers and data center. As a forward thinking company, we are always exploring and experimenting with new technologies and products where data may lie. Our goal is continue to be the industry leader for data destruction and our research has lead us down a few interesting paths where a data destruction solution will be relevant for these new products and technology.

Our investigations have uncovered some interesting and exciting new technologies where personal data may be stored while this device is under your control. The top three relevant technologies where data is currently being stored are in Automobiles, Artificial Intelligence (Robots), and Wearable Technology. Below we have listed areas of concern and awareness as well as what steps you need to take as we move towards a solution to destroy your data when these technologies become obsolete.


The automotive industry upgrades car stereos to infotainment systems, the combination of information storage as well as ease of access to entertainment in your vehicle. This provides the driver with a convenient address book and hands-free phone device as well as music and social media playback for the other passengers in the vehicle. Automotive manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Fiat, and Cadillac all use infotainment to maximize the rider’s experience. When analyzing these components, it is Guardian’s job to best figure out a way to keep your information safe and private. Once you intend to resell or return your vehicle, contact Guardian Data Destruction to wipe your vehicle’s hard drive so your phone book, call log, GPS destinations, and home address have been DOD wiped. We have learned that factory resets never completely erase all previous data which could potentially put your information in someone else’s hands.


Artificial Intelligence is the fast-growing route for conscious and aware robots that adapt to the outside environment for practical and useful purposes. The news shows that Artificial Intelligence should be carefully programmed and could potentially be a very harmful resource to humans. Our job at Guardian is to continue to research and find concrete methods to eliminate the AI’s data pool for protective reassurances. Artificial Intelligence is beginning to use quantum processors which are the most advanced CPU’s to date.


Technology is continually becoming more integrated with the consumers by replacing all analog materials with digital devices. The most popular of wearable technology is the smartwatch, different adaptations are being sold by Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, etc. and are constantly finding new ways to appeal to diverse demographics. As ideas continue to grow, smart rings, glasses, and bracelets have become available while they sync your personal information to provide the technological advantage desired. Scientists and engineers are working to enhance everything we wear by integrating technology into each garment. Now that wearable tech is being used in everyday life we have to be aware of some risks that surround the data transfer from one device to another. Wearable tech will either monitor, track, or receive important information about your daily routine, private messages, phone calls, emails, and calendar events. Guardian Data Destruction will provide a solution to safely eliminate any personal data for you if you ever decide to upgrade or get rid of your previous devices.

Guardian Data Destruction will be your most reliable source for a clean digital slate. It is our goal to continue the learning process on all new technology and how we can continue to keep you and your information safe and secure. From On-Site Hard Drive Erasure and Shredding, Hard Drive Degaussing, Site Decommissioning to Asset Disposition, Guardian Data Destruction is the smartest answer.

Contact us today about our mobile data destruction fleet. You couldn’t make a smarter choice! 888.556.WIPE (9473) • www.guardiandatadestruction.com

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