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10 Tips to Keep Your Business Ahead of a Data Breach

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The failure to secure data jeopardizes the confidentiality, integrity, and accountability of any business or individual. As high profile data breaches light up news headlines, legislation and regulation are being developed in a hurry to keep up with technology and ensure the protection of valuable information. Independently, CEOs and CTOs are now in the position of pursuing alternatives and advancements in their own IT security strategy as cybercriminals, here and abroad, are mining financial records, healthcare data, and a variety of other private information.

Guardian Data Destruction’s top ten tips to help protect your business from data threats:

  1. Organize a security audit to pinpoint any security flaws in your business. Cyber threats evolve so making this a quarterly routine to stay ahead.
  2. Monitor your data, especially the most sensitive information. Who is responsible for maintaining its security? Are they considering internal and cyber security threats?
  3. Human error is a leading cause of a data breach. Educate your employees and motivate them to protect your data. Understanding the liability of a data breach and their personal responsibility is a key point in reducing lapse and gaps.
  4. Schedule timely password changes to databases and access points.
  5. Create device usage policies for employees and visitors. If their device is connected to the corporate network, require compliance with company policies. DO NOT allow guest networks to be used in the workplace. An effective policy must include the disposal method for all computers or devices that are no longer in use.
  6. Encrypt all data. Even if it becomes missing, the data will not be readable.
  7. Support encryption with persistent software. This will allow you to run encryption and anti-virus status reports should there be a breach.
  8. Use multiple security solutions. There is no “first place” security solution, so utilizing more as a layered strategy keeps data safer.
  9. Keep the security software up to date.
  10. Prepare yourself for the real possibility of a data breach. A prepared response or protocol provides your company the structure and operations to minimize negativity and create damage control.

How are you proactively protecting your data? Do you have a strategic plan?

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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