Enterprise Erasure Service

No matter the server or storage configuration, be confident that your data is 100% erased.

Wiping enterprise data equipment is the opposite of laptops and desktops. It’s complicated by manufacturer design, complex configurations, shared space, native operating systems, live environments and inaccessible (or non-existent) ports.

Ready for anything

With so many storage solutions, form factors and configurations, Guardian is always prepared with a Plan B. And, often, a Plan C. We know there will be surprises.

Our eTeam brings our full set of protocols, tools, cables and IT inroads to access and then erase any server or storage device. Whether it’s via USB, SAS/SATA port, fiber-only port, loading into a caddy-based system or other known but unusual configurations, Guardian will identify the solution to access the drive to ensure 100% compliance and data erasure.

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5000 Drive Wipe

Our customer, a leading, global ITAD, provides asset disposition, redeployment and remarketing services to one of the world’s largest data recovery and backup services. Guardian Data Destruction was engaged to securely erase and shred the end user’s hard drives on site.

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Racks of data servers

Size doesn’t matter

Enterprise erasure projects range in size from 50 to thousands. There’s no such thing as typical. We’ll work within your timeframe and access hours.

Based on the quantity and capacity of your data center environment, we do our best to accurately estimate the time it will take to identify your hardware, setup and test access, and then erase your devices.

Enterprise erasure projects with storage cabinets of 400 drives or large drives such as 8 terabytes can take days of continual processing (each) to fully wipe and make the data unrecoverable.

Data Servers Protected

Minimal downtime and maximum service

Guardian’s trained technicians are accustomed to working in live, active environments. We’ll follow your security protocols to ensure that downtime and interruptions are minimized.

Once the data destruction is complete, we’ll issue a Certificate of Erasure with full reporting. As part of the overall project, Guardian’s secure IT packing, shipping and logistics can pack and transport all or partial shipments of devices for storage, redeployment, remarketing or recycling.

Blue Shield

Enterprise data erasure starts with a conversation

Every situation is different. Understanding your data destruction requirements (and your data center’s challenges) helps us meet your goals.

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Get started

Let’s talk. Oftentimes we have a quick turnaround on the pricing and information you need to move forward with your project.

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Need a VAR or ITAD?

Guardian Data Destruction partners with Value Added Resellers and IT Asset Disposition companies around the world.

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More about Enterprise Erasure

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Coffee & Conversation

Looking for a secure, smart solution to enterprise data destruction? Let’s have coffee and a conversation. Drop us a line today.

If your project is urgent or you need a quote, skip the form and call us right away at 888-556-9473 (WIPE).

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