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Secure IT Asset Transport (and more)

Any size. Any quantity. Anywhere. Always secure.

Sealed, locked, point-to-point shipping with the visibility, accountability and chain of custody stringency you require.

bubble wrap

Small quantities? Contain your excITement

For secure shipping solutions for smaller quantities of IT devices, Guardian’s tamper-proof, locked and sealed containers are the answer.

Based on the quantity and type of IT assets and office equipment — laptops, tablets, hard drives, tapes, desktops, POS, kiosks, servers, etc., we’ll deliver the right-sized container (ranging from a small case for 5-10 hard drives up to large, pallet-mounted steel cages). Swap-outs or on-demand container delivery available for ongoing secure transport requirements.. ATF and BOL always included.

Guardian technicians scan the device serial numbers, pack, lock and seal each container for shipment. Upon arrival at the destination, the unbroken seal is matched to ensure no tampering.

Guardian Data Destruction Truck

Logistics are part of the package

Guardian arranges for secure pickup and delivery anywhere in the world based on quantity, locations and level of packing. Trucking (logistics) options include:

  • Secure full truckload (FTL)
  • Secure straight truck (dedicated)
  • Secure container LTL (less-than truckload)

Every shipment includes locks and tamper-proof seals on trucks that are matched and verified upon arrival.

Asset Transfer Forms (ATF) generated upon pickup.

Man securely packing electronics

Packing correctly is essential

IT asset packing is based on value and disposition. How to pack it is based on experience:

  • Blanket wrapped data center servers on shock pallets for immediate redeployment at destination
  • Large monitors that are bubble wrapped and/or crated for storage
  • Gaylords of peripherals bound for recycling

Whatever you need packed, Guardian gets it there damage-free.

Blue Shield

Be more valuable to your client.

We understand the data and IT asset market like no one else. And we have the expertise to help your business shine and grow.

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Let’s get rolling

We make secure logistics easy for any location, any load. Even an unusual item or quantity has a secure solution. Let’s get logistical.

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