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Factory Reset

Reset your network and storage equipment’s custom settings to a blank slate

A factory reset clears and restores networks, firewalls, routers, switches and server remote access equipment and systems to their original, out-of-box factory configuration. Proprietary and custom data configurations are deleted.

Prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands and compromising network security

When you upgrade your existing data center equipment or move from a colocation data center, have you considered the proprietary information that is in the switches, routers, firewalls, remote access points and encryption devices?

Restoring these settings to factory defaults ensures that your IP addresses, configurations, passwords and setups in the BIOS and chips are completely flushed from the equipment. It’s a measure that ensures that network equipment that is in storage or in someone else’s possession is no longer a company liability.

Factory Reset with Guardian

The responsibility is yours

Too often, especially in outsourced data centers, the onsite personnel aren’t aware of the security risk or just don’t know how to do a factory reset. Whether your network devices are at end of life, off lease or slated for redeployment, taking charge with a factory reset guarantees that legacy network information and access are eliminated.

Data protection in factory setting

What kind of network devices can be hard factory reset?

Major manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper and HP have built-in but highly variable factory reset methods. With the hundreds of brands, models and options on the market, each Guardian factory reset project starts with a discovery process that includes a list of equipment, manufacturers and model numbers.

Network devices, routers and switches that cannot be factory reset and confirmed clear of configuration info or data should be physically removed, shredded, and recycled following industry regulations.

Blue Shield

Interested in a factory reset?

Every situation and setup is different. Let’s start with a conversation about your hardware, location and timing.

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We can help you with the discovery and planning process when it comes to factory reset as part of a data center decommissioning, upgrade or move.

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