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Data Center and Enterprise Services

Single-source solution from start to finish.

Guardian’s experienced project management and execution teams manage the complete process of every data center project from start to finish—any scope, complexity, size or location:

  • Installations
  • Third-party Verification
  • Factory Reset to Default
  • Packing & Logistics
  • Migrations
  • Decommissioning
  • Data Destruction
  • Audits
  • Erasure
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Guardian covers everything—from A to Z

Guardian manages the full project from planning to execution.. Whether your project is a single service or a complex bundle, every project includes:

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Data Security
  • Full Transparency
  • Frequent Communication
  • Compliance
  • ESG Planning

Every project, every client, every data center is different.

Whether equipment is live or the entire data center is offline and ready for removal, an enterprise project has very specific requirements, stakeholders and timelines. No matter your needs, you want a partner who knows how to handle the full scope and deliver consistently high project results. Working with our ITAD and VAR partners, Guardian delivers a full solution that focuses on constant communication, the reduction of e-Waste and a full scope of data destruction services.

Á la carte or bundled services for data centers, data closets, cages, colocation and cloud storage



Cable Mapping
Rack Elevations
Power Up & Power Down



Third-party Verification

Third-party Verification

Audit & Inventory

Factory Reset

Server Remote Access

Secure Transport

Transport and Logistics

Secure or Dedicated Service
No Size/Location Limits
Lease Return/Redeployment
Multiple Shipping Destinations

Maximize sustainability goals


Our project specialists work with you to wrap your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals into every aspect and project stage while ensuring that data security is never jeopardized.

Data center projects typically include efficient staging and logistics, IT asset reuse, R2 recycling, community and employee engagement maximizing reuse, reporting and public relations.

A smart single source solution

Ensure that projects are fully planned and executed with Guardian’s multi-disciplinary team that fulfills logistics, data security and data compliance needs as well as offering complete data and IT asset services.

Guardian offers the expertise and planning to safely and confidently power down, power up and everything in between.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Data center projects are complex with high value equipment and high stakes. It’s daunting.

That’s why you need a contractor that has the experience and project planning know-how to execute safely and securely.

Guardian specializes in thinking ahead. We’ll ask questions. We’ll look for gaps. We’ll walk-thru the plan. We will be ready.

Game day agility

Preparation helps us find and resolve unforeseen problems. The trouble is, there isn’t a job that doesn’t have an unexpected wrinkle that could upset the apple cart.

But it won’t. Because Guardian is ready for the inevitable surprise. You can count on our immediate and resourceful response. More importantly, our communication is open, frequent and thorough. The only surprise is how quickly the wrinkle was ironed out.

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Let’s talk about your data center challenge

Whether you’re tearing down or moving, don’t go it alone. Partner with Guardian for an expert migration from A to B.

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