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Data Center Decommissioning

Make powering down and dismantling a data center easy and secure

“Beginning in 2019, more data will be stored in the enterprise core than in all the world's existing endpoints”


Whether you’re moving to the cloud, switching to a colocation, retiring end-of-life equipment, centralizing operations or just updating to better equipment, a safe, secure takedown is essential.

Guardian manages site decommissioning from start to finish so that you can decommission without exposing residual data and retain any value.

Customer confidence and peace of mind are top priority

From our first conversation you’ll have full visibility and control over the project plan:

  • Planning and Site Surveys
  • Inventory and Reconciliation
  • Budgeting and Quoting
  • Execution and Communication
  • Completion and Inspection
  • Documentation and Certificates

Our services (data destruction, removal, logistics and cable mining) are combined to meet project scope. And you’ll have full documentation including ATF and chain of custody within 48 hours of project completion.

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Incorrect site info & end-of-year scheduling jeopardizes firm decom deadline

Last-minute scheduling, high-value equipment and an undersized, underground loading dock in a crowded metropolitan district were the biggest challenges for decommissioning and clearing eight racks and a storage cage deep inside a live data center.

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Removing lots of cables

Make sure your data center decom is as smooth as possible

Guardian dismantles, de-racks, disconnects, packs and moves network equipment, servers, racks and cabinets.

  • Minimum IT downtime with coordinated scheduling and timelines
  • Prioritization of mission-critical tasks
  • Flexible scheduling and security measures
  • Protection against risk and damage with our experienced technicians
  • Onsite project management with constant and consistent communication
  • Maximum insurance coverage
  • Planned scope and pre-execution walk-thru
  • Secured assets from disconnect to disposition
  • Complete documentation
  • Packing and transport for storage, redeployment, remarketing or recycling
Singing Secure Papers with Guardian

Replace finger pointing with single source expertise

It’s rare that IT decommissioning doesn’t include equipment audit and verification, data destruction, lease return, equipment removal, packing and shipping, and more.

As a full service, turnkey provider, Guardian is a complete and tested solution that is fully equipped to deal with unforeseen problems. And, if there are unexpected “surprises” (there inevitably are), you’ll be impressed with our solutions and responsiveness.

“As [Fortune 500 client] continues to migrate to the cloud and removes their legacy server gear, Guardian completed the first of nine data center decom jobs that included onsite shredding of almost 1000 hard drives followed by white glove packing and transport of 5-6 pallets of server and networking gear. All work was completed in a very secure building with a complicated pickup that included significant Covid protocol preparation. We thank you for a very smooth experience.”

The Guardian Data Destruction difference

Our goal: eliminate surprises

Data center decommissioning projects can be complex with high value equipment and high stakes. That’s why you want (require!) a contractor that has the experience and project planning know-how.

Our process is mapped to the project

Guardian specializes in thinking ahead. Our experienced eTeams travel to any location and remain onsite through the entire equipment removal operation. The Guardian process includes review and verification by an experienced project management team so that we arrive prepared.

Game day agility

Readiness helps us find and resolve unforeseen problems. The trouble is, there isn’t a job that doesn’t have an unexpected wrinkle that could upset the apple cart. But it won’t. You can count on our experience and our immediate, resourceful response. More importantly, our communication is open, frequent and thorough.

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Pilot a project

If you’ve got a project in mind, it’s time to chat. We’d like to understand more about your project goals, logistics and timings.

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Jumpstart the process

Project details already known? Fill out this short questionnaire and we’ll be able to quickly understand project scope and create an estimate.

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Coffee & Conversation

We can help you with the discovery and planning process when it comes to decommissioning and moving data centers. No matter the size or complexity. Reach out via form or phone.

If your project is urgent or you need a quote, skip the form and call us right away at 888-556-9473 (WIPE).

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