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Data Destruction

Most companies don’t think about their data destruction plan until something goes wrong.

Never assume that your data doesn’t have value (to someone else)

What’s the challenge in your organization?

Not knowing which department is responsible for data sanitization for lease returns or end of life equipment?

Or maybe you don’t believe it is important enough or it just couldn’t happen to you.

Think again. If the damage caused by a data breach can ruin your reputation and revenue, you need data destruction as part of your total asset management program.

Fact 1:

“40% of tested IT equipment still contained personally identifiable information (PII) of the original owners of the hardware.”

NAID – National Association for Information Destruction

Fact 2:

“30% of all data breaches come from not properly disposing of assets.”

Gartner Research

Fact 3:

“163 trillion gigabytes of data will be created by 2025.”

‘Data Age 2025’ report by IDC (sponsored by Seagate)

Data Destruction 101

Data Destruction 101 Guide

Understand the data destruction options for hard drives, tapes, POS devices, USB drives, tablets, mobile devices and more.

Download our Data Destruction 101 Guide >

Onsite Data Destruction Services

Always available onsite or offsite

Data destruction

Hard Drive Shredding & SSD Shredding

Tape shredding
Crushing mutilation icon

Hard Drive Mutilation & Crushing

hard drive degaussing

Hard Drive and Tape Degaussing

Data destruction is often part of a larger project

Once the data is destroyed, what’s next?

Guardian Data Destruction offers one-stop sourcing for packing and logistics for recycling, remarketing or redeployment. Or, data destruction as part of a data center lift and shift, consolidation or decommissioning. Or a custom service for an atypical device like a kiosk, POS, or printer that needs a different approach.

Guardian offers all of these bundled services and more so that data and IT asset projects are completed end-to-end, thoroughly and in compliance.

Oceans of old and broken IT assets – a risky collection

Risk management teams are often unsure what to do with unneeded IT equipment. Especially when the hardware is old and has no value.

Often, the choice is to do nothing. Or, stack it and lock it up, successfully converting eWaste into a “forever” inventory problem. That stockpile has risks that only grow with time and personnel changes.

Guardian can remove the risk inherent to those stockpiles of old equipment. Instead of a stuffed closet, cage or, worse, an offsite storage facility of liability, free up space and remove a weighty liability problem with thorough auditing, reporting, data destruction and recycling.

More about Data Destruction

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