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Onsite erasure solutions for hard drives

Available onsite or offsite

Hard drive erasure is the perfect solution for lease returns, large storage hard drives or high value equipment.

Also called wiping or sanitizing, erasure uses software to permanently erase work files, personal files, operating systems, and installed programs. The result is a hard drive that is wiped clean. And verified to be data free, secure and 100% compliant.

Protect your clients

Erasure is a proven method in the prevention of a data breach. It’s also the best way to retain value for lease returns, reuse and remarketing. And, it’s flexible to meet the demands of any type of work site: desktop or enterprise setups.

Remote workforce? Guardian also offers remote software erasure via the cloud. Combined with our self-pack programs to get timely return of home-based assets while ensuring there’s no live data in transit.

Understanding the project parameters, evaluating risk and responsiveness are the criteria to use when selecting the right data destruction partner. Protecting your data and your client relationship is one of the most important decisions you can make.

“I was on the phone today with my contact at [Fortune 100 company] and he was gushing about how much he appreciates the [VAR/ITAD]/Guardian partnership and all we have done for them. He loves the communication, professionalism, reporting, service that is being done and his location points of contact have let him know they love working with Guardian. Thank you again for all you do with my customers!!”

Hard Drive pallet ready for erasure

How hard drive erasure works

Erasure of each hard drive (depending on the size and the DOD/NIST erasure protocol) can range from one to 24 hours per item. For desktop equipment (including laptops, tablets, etc.), each piece of equipment is erased one by one. Enterprise equipment can be securely erased in batches of over 200 simultaneously. Field and remote laptops are erased via the cloud before shipping to ensure there’s no data risk if the unit is lost in transit.

Do you have a preferred hard drive erasure protocol? Guardian uses the most secure and in demand providers including Blancco, Extreme Protocol Solutions, KillDisk, WhiteCanyon and BitRaser.

Chain of Custody in Data Destruction

Hard drive erasure service options

  • Device serial # scan
  • Inventory validation and reconciliation
  • On your schedule
  • Full audit with reporting
  • Rigorous chain of custody documentation
  • Documentation fo compliance, audits and reports
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Onsite, offsite or hybrid

15+ years of data destruction service and NAID AAA Certification

  • NIST certified equipment.
  • In compliance with regulatory and legal mandates.
  • Written and enforced data destruction processes.
  • Trained, bonded, uniformed workforce with security clearance.
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hard drive destruction

Guardian offers more

Onsite hard drive erasure decreases the risk of data breaches, theft or loss in transit. With our mobile data destruction trucks and global partnerships Guardian can destroy data just about anywhere.

Our standardized processes and flexible approach create a consistent process that fits neatly into any project scope and any partner agreements.

Guardian follows a hands-on project management policy so that any issues (there will inevitably be one) are vetted, communicated, escalated and resolved as quickly as possible.

Blue Shield

Data erasure starts with a relationship

Understanding needs is the first step. That’s why we have a full range of services to meet every requirement (or whim).

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Get started

Let’s talk. Oftentimes we have a quick turnaround on the pricing and information you need to move forward with your project.

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Need a VAR or ITAD?

Guardian Data Destruction partners with VARs, MSPs, ITADs and resellers around the world.

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Coffee & Conversation

Overwhelmed with hard drive erasure questions? Let’s have coffee and a conversation. Guardian can help.

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