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Custom crating & shock pallets

Exceptional packing options for exceptional equipment

How to ship the big, the oversized, the delicate

When it’s more than loads of bubble wrap for maximum protection, you need experienced IT asset packing and logistics to protect high value equipment from impact, shock and vibration.

large crate of secure data destruction

Custom Crating

Crating is a serious expense and only needed for moving large, awkwardly-sized high value equipment.

Custom crating has multiple advantages:

  • Loading and unloading are easy
  • Product is “ready to go” on arrival
  • Reduced bouncing around during transit
  • Tilt/tell indicators
  • Transit damage instantly visible and accessible
  • Security tape and seals
  • Safe for long term storage
  • Reusable
Shock Pallets

Prevent in-transit shock and vibration damage

Shock and vibration damage for highly sensitive IT assets, most notably data center servers, can be prevented.

If your goal is to have transported equipment ready for installation and reuse upon arrival, give your components a gentle ride with White Glove Packing combined with shock pallets.

Blue Shield

Crate it up

Guardian’s custom crating protects your high value equipment that can’t be merely boxed up.

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Stop shock and vibration damage

Unacceptable shock and vibration levels during transit can result in equipment damage and failure.

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Be more valuable to your client.

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