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Chain of Custody and Asset Transfer Forms (ATF)

Reduce risk, exposure and finger pointing with proper documentation

Are you ready for an audit? Or trying to track down a missing hard drive or laptop? Or worse, the victim of a data breach?

Guardian Data Destruction supplies a full chain of custody documentation so that all device-related data is at your fingertips.

We are committed to a visible and transparent custodial chain of custody process that adheres to corporate, industry and federal regulations. For every project, all IT asset handoffs are fully documented and submitted via Asset Transfer Form so that audits or inquiries of any type are answerable.

Whether it’s a data center decommission or equipment migration or an onsite data destruction shred and erasure job, Guardian safeguards your security with our end-to-end chain of custody commitment and documentation.

Chain of custody example documents

Download a sample set of Chain of Custody documentation

Data Destruction Certificate Signing

Reduce liability with onsite data destruction

Switching offsite data destruction to onsite automatically reduces a significant opportunity for a data breach by eliminating a leg of transportation of live data. Instead the shredded byproduct goes right to an R2 recycler. Erased drives are left onsite or transported via SOW.

Documentation includes:

  • Destruction
  • Certificate of Recycling
  • ATF
  • Receipt by Recycler
  • Serial # scan
Chain of Custody Process

What’s included in Chain of Custody documentation

To protect the confidentiality of your company and clients, you are required by law to document the transport and changing hands of your data-laden devices.

As part of our secure transportation, packing and data destruction processes, Guardian will always and automatically supply:

  • Asset Transfer Forms (ATF) per transfer of devices
  • Bill of Lading (BOL) per shipment of devices
  • Certificates of Data Destruction (including scanned serial numbers) per project
  • Certificates of Recycling per project
asset transfer form

Understanding the Asset Transfer Form

For each and every device hand-off on each and every project, Guardian automatically supplies an Asset Transfer Form.

  • Job #
  • Quantity and type of items picked up
  • Date
  • Location of pickup and destination
  • Site contact
  • Pickup and receiving destination
  • Onsite services performed (e.g., serial number capturing, hard drive removal, packing, etc.)
  • Signatures of all parties (Guardian + customer + consignee)

Whether your IT asset is transported to a recycler, a remarketer, an ITAD or reseller or a warehouse awaiting disposition or redeployment, you’ll have an Asset Transfer Form to document each leg of transfer and transport.

warehouse worker asset transfer form

The Asset Transfer Form is protection and accountability

You should only need to refer to an Asset Transfer Form when there’s a “situation” and THEN it will be everyone’s source of truth.

The dual signature line is key:

Guardian: “I’ve got this (list/description) that I’ve done (this) to it and now I’m taking it all (here) ”
Customer: “I 100% agree!”

The Asset Transfer Form makes everyone accountable as both sides have agreed to what is being taken and where.

Blue Shield

Increase protection

Guardian’s adherence to Chain of Custody process and documentation is your guardian against data breaches.

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