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Data Center Equipment Migration (Lift and Shift)

As your IT strategies are reshaped, you’ll want the new game plan to roll out without a hitch.

“By 2020, the demands of next-generation apps and new IT architectures will force 55% of enterprises to upgrade their existing facilities or deploy new facilities.”


No longer immovable fortresses, complex data centers are relocated and refurbished to keep pace with data storage needs and technology upgrades.

Upgrades and migrations occur more often as businesses grow and change their data storage and data management strategies.

When changing workplace models and increased cloud migration result in equipment migration, the challenge is to protect the value of the equipment and the security of the data — especially when it’s live.

Stay informed with multi-layered security protocols

Secure delivery is our goal: locked and sealed trucks, vetted technicians with clean backgrounds, onsite project management, and GPS tracking on each and every truck ensure the safe and secure relocation of small closets or entire facilities.

Special security requests? Yes.

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Data Center Lift and Shift Project Seamlessly Executed

The client had to move an existing, live data center to a single colocation data center. From cable mapping and power down to re-install and power up, all equipment migration and complete installation was completed after hours and over the weekend to ensure no interruption to client services.

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Lift & Shift of Server

Be confident with any kind of data center relocation — we’ve got your back

Each lift and shift or IT equipment migration project has very specific requirements and timelines. What you want is a partner who knows how to handle data center dismantling, moves and reconnects and delivers consistently secure, ontime results. Without surprises.

  • Servers and switches
  • De-racking/Re-racking
  • Wire and cables
  • Cable mapping
  • Elevation execution
  • White glove packing
  • Secure transport
  • Rack migration
Secure destruction of server

Forget mess and stress

Guardian specializes in customer confidence and peace of mind. From our first call, you’ll have full visibility and control over the project plan. Our broad range in services are combined to meet every project scope including data destruction, removal, packing, logistics and cable mining. And you’ll have full documentation including asset transfer form and chain of custody within 48 hours of project completion.

“As infrastructure manager, a data center lift and shift is a mission critical operation. In the past, every other vendor moving servers, routers and switches has quit on us in the middle of the job. With Guardian, I didn’t get any notifications of problems, we didn’t get complaints from anyone internally, the data centers or our clients. When my phone is quiet, the job is as perfect as it could be.”

Marc Mermelstein
Director of Engineering and Operations
APEX Global Systems

Data center wiring

Make your data center lift and shift is as smooth as possible

Guardian Data Destruction is a single source solution for moving network equipment, servers, racks and cabinets from one account provider, one location or just another cage.

No matter the size or location, our equipment migration projects include:

  • Minimum IT downtime with coordinated scheduling and timelines
  • Prioritization of mission-critical tasks
  • Flexible scheduling and security measures
  • Protection against risk and damage
  • Maximum insurance coverage
  • Onsite project management
  • Constant and consistent communication
  • Planned scope and pre-execution walk-thru
  • Secured assets from disconnect to disposition or relocation
  • Complete documentation including chain of custody and asset transfer forms
  • Packing and transport for immediate power up, storage, redeployment, remarketing or recycling

The Guardian Data Destruction difference

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Data center decommissioning projects and lift and shifts are complex with high value equipment and high stakes. It’s daunting. That’s why you want (require!) a contractor that has the experience and project planning know-how.

We specialize in thinking ahead. We’ll ask questions. We’ll look for gaps. We’ll walk-thru the plan. We will be ready. Your client will be assured and in the loop from minute one.

Game day agility

Preparation helps us find and resolve unforeseen problems. The trouble is, there isn’t a job that doesn’t have an unexpected wrinkle that could upset the apple cart. But it won’t. Because Guardian is ready for the inevitable surprise. You can count on our experienced team and our immediate, resourceful response. More importantly, our communication is open, frequent and thorough. The only surprise is how quickly the wrinkle was ironed out.

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Getting started

Migrating a data center of any size is always a big move. We can help you with the discovery and planning process.

If your project is urgent or you need a quote, skip the form and call us right away at 888-556-9473 (WIPE).

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