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IT Asset Recycling and eWaste Removal

It’s the end of the road for your IT assets. Make sure the final disposition is done the right way.

When it’s time to call in the IT asset undertaker

The not-so-pretty reality of refresh programs, wear and tear and new technology is that there’s a constant accumulation of obsolete and broken technology.

Where does it all go?

The responsible, expired IT asset process follows these steps: serial # scan, secure data destruction, asset tag sanitization and then transportation to a certified R2 recycler.

And of course, this is tied up with a complete set “paperwork” that verifies the process and disposition.

Destroy the data THEN recycle to avoid a data breach

Guardian is a single source solution for end of life services. We ensure that hard drive serial numbers are scanned, live data is thoroughly removed, and then securely transport assets to the nearest certified R2 recycler.

Not only will you be assured that your IT assets are sanitized and ethically recycled, you’ll have a complete set of chain of custody verification:

  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Scanned serial number reports
  • Certificate of Recycling
  • Asset Transfer Forms (ATF)
Certificate of Recycling Sample

Sample Certificate of Recycling

If you’re not getting a Certificate of Recycling from your vendor, you should be. Request the Guardian Chain of Custody Documentation Sample Set to ensure that you are getting everything you need for record-keeping and (hopefully not) an audit.

Discarded equipment

The consequences of sloppy IT equipment disposition

It is your legal responsibility to properly dispose of IT equipment. Failure to do so, through intention or negligence, can rack up serious and expensive consequences for your data, the environment, and your brand.

So, why risk it?

Understanding the implications of inattentive eWaste disposition actions is essential. Guardian will review your existing program and advise on best practices for data destruction, recycling and complete chain of custody documentation so that you’re in compliance and protected.

E-recycling securely

Separate and sort for disposition

Work with Guardian to determine a cutline for your IT assets and equipment. We will separate it and send it to either recycling or divert to your remarketing program.

Blue Shield

Recycle the right way

Recycling isn’t fun or sexy but doing it the right way feels pretty satisfying. If you’re looking for a supplier that feels the same way, what are you waiting for?

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Get the benefits of a single-source supplier

With our broad portfolio of services and a national presence, Guardian can combine our IT packing and logistics, data destruction and more to give you a turnkey solution and just one very responsive vendor to manage.

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Let’s talk recycling

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