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Back to basics: data destruction services breakdown

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In the New Year, we thought we would take the opportunity to get back to basics of data destruction. Even though proper data destruction (proper being the keyword) is so crucial for any small business or larger company handling highly classified information, it is often overlooked. Education and an in-depth understanding of the different data destruction services that are available is very important. It is also the first step to protecting your business.

Here is a list of some data destruction services, including definitions and an explanation of how each is performed:

On-site Hard Drive Erasure:

On-site hard drive erasure is when a technician comes to your place of business to “wipe” sensitive data off any important devices without damaging the equipment. Guardian Data Destruction uses GDD Mobile IT Lab to perform hard-drive erasure in order to ensure the data is completely wiped before equipment ever leaves your site. Our bonded and certified technician powers up each item and performs a three-, four- or seven-pass DOD overwrite (depending on the security requirements). A Certificate of Destruction is provided to confirm the data has been removed. Up to 400 pieces of equipment can be wiped per day.

On-site Hard Drive and Media Shredding:

On-site hard drive and media shredding is needed when data remanence – the residual representation of digital data that remains even after attempts have been made to remove or erase the data – remains on a device. To prevent sensitive information from being obtained by an unwanted third party or released into an uncontrolled environment, the hard drive needs to be destroyed in such a way that the data it contains cannot be recovered. Guardian Data Destruction takes your data storage devices to its Mobile IT Lab and shreds them into half-inch pieces. Absolute destruction and physical shredding services can be performed on- or off-site for all types of hard drives or media tapes. This service can be customized to meet any security requirements.

Site Decommissioning:

Site decommissioning is when an entire data site needs to be decommissioned from service and destroyed. Guardian Data Destruction is often called in as a single-source solution for decommissioning entire data centers. We combine various and sundry individual services into one package, including tracking and auditing equipment and serial numbers, erasing hard drives, shredding media/drives, disassembling hardware, racks and cages, equipment and furniture, packing and removal, transport and logistics, and more.

NSA Degaussing:

A degausser ensures complete erasure of information. When data needs to be erased quickly and inexpensively without destroying the physical media like shredding does, the degaussing process may be appropriate. Guardian Data Destruction has the equipment and expertise to meet all DOD, state, federal, financial, and health care regulations, mandates and security guidelines.

Disposal of e-waste:

All those electronic products that suddenly become “trash” are considered e-waste. E-waste must be disposed of properly or there are severe consequences not just for the environment, but also for peoples’ health. Guardian Data Destruction disposes of e-waste according to a national EPA-Compliant, Non-Landfill Recycling Program. It is the most effective and environmentally safe way to dispose of obsolete or end-of-life computers.

If your company would like to learn more about any of the services listed, contact us for a free consultation today.

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