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Sensitive End of Lease Hard Drive Data is Easy Prey for Digital Theft

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If you thought that just putting secure network firewalls and anti-virus software in place was all you need to prevent data leakage… think again. While industry reports from Imperva, WhiteHat Security and the Ponemon Institute claim insecure web applications pose the greatest threat to data, other industry findings show that 30% of all data leakage occurs from idle and end of life assets. It’s a fact. There is a significant lack of attention paid to the security of corporate IT hardware holding the data. As a result, this aspect of data security is easily overlooked often until it is way too late.

Data protection using firewalls and anti-virus software goes only part of the way. There must be just as much emphasis placed on protecting the back end of the data life cycle as well. Unfortunately, it is common practice for many businesses to ignore this highly vulnerable area. Data remaining on hard drives on equipment coming off lease, slated for remarketing or end of life presents a tremendous risk of exposure most companies cannot afford.

In addition to lack of awareness of this type of data leakage by many businesses, there Is also the problem of improper handling of idle, off lease or end of life assets with live data. This can translate into serious consequences for any company when the equipment is returned or shipped with live data in tact or when in transit. At any moment, that live data can easily fall into the wrong hands with explosive repercussions. Subsequently, it is critical that every business ensure data security by contracting with a qualified service that properly erases or destroys the hard drives before equipment exits the environment.

The rapid evolution of state-of-the-art data security technology now offers a unique solution. There is now available a data security provider fully equipped with a mobile on site IT lab. By bringing this lab to your place of business, you can receive totally secure on-site services with no risk of leakage or theft. Services range from On Site Hard Drive Erasure and Shredding to E Waste Recycling and Disposal.

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