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Fortune 500 Insurance Case Study


A Fortune 500 Insurance Company


Due to continuous growth and need for more and faster technology, this multi-billion dollar insurance client was decommissioning the first of 3 StorageTek, 9310 PowerdHorn Tape Silos.

In two of their facilities, the North West and Central Plains, two robotic tape silos, each containing 960 tapes, needed to have the tapes securely shredded on-site. The serial number of each tape needed to be captured for the Certificate Of Data Destruction, then each silo needed to be completely dismantled and extracted from the facility, clearing room for new equipment.


Guardian Data Destruction planned and assessed the data containment and physical extraction requirements. By coordinating with the data center, facility and security management teams, Guardian was able to bring in the necessary equipment, man power and resources to empty, catalog and destroy the tapes, and then remove and extract the interior tape-holding forms, dismantle the robotic arms and devices and optics and all counter balance and electronic power and drive units that reside externally to the unit.

Finally, Guardian broke down the walls, floor and ceiling components, packaging them and removing to the facility’s loading dock where the equipment was once again tagged, accounted for and loaded, locked and sealed on the truck headed a regional repurposing facility.


A single-source, cost-effective solution was provided that exceeded government regulations as well as industry standards for data security and destruction. The Guardian team arrived prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment to perform all of the required services and was successful in meeting and exceeding client requirements in the containment, dismantling, shipping and cleanup of the job. Process and pricing was then standardized for the decommissioning of all the tape silo throughout all the data centers in the US, and installing a simple and proven process for all further tape silo decommissions.

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