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Guardian Data Destruction Launches NSA-compliant 2MM Onsite Solution for Solid State Drive Shredding

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30 November, 2016

Guardian Data Destruction Launches NSA-compliant 2MM Onsite Solution for Solid State Drive Shredding
(South Hackensack, NEW JERSEY)

Guardian Data Destruction (“Guardian”) announces a breakthrough in industrial-grade shredder technology. They are proud to launch the 2MM SSD Shredder, the first mobile shredder that meets standards set by the National Security Agency (NSA). Companies will no longer need to dismantle hard drives or solid state devices to transport them to a shredding service provider, which can increase costs and potential for a data breach. As a mobile service, Guardian provides the convenience and high security of onsite solid state device shedding.

“The 2MM SSD shredder combines two innovative technologies to disintegrate components and whole devices into a fine consistency of 2 mm,” explained Glenn Laga, Guardian’s President and Co-Founder. “These technologies meet NSA standards as they destroy devices well beyond the ability to recover data. As a mobile service, the 2MM SSD Shredder is a game changer for all types of data-centric, security-conscious companies.”

The Guardian Data Destruction 2MM SSD Shredder is made in America and works on any solid-state device, shredding up to 200 conventional hard drives per hour. It also shreds circuit boards, tablets, cell phones, media tapes, PDAs, tablets, swipe machines and other solid state devices, providing a solution for end-of-life e-data destruction. Guardian offers a secure data destruction solution by bringing the shredder directly to corporate locations. Once shredded, the debris is recycled through R2 or E-Steward Recycler.

Companies interested in the 2MM SSD Mobile Shredder should contact their VAR or ITAD partners or Guardian Data Destruction at www.GuardianDataDestruction.com directly for more information, shred samples and the name of an authorized Guardian services provider in their area.

About Guardian Data Destruction:
Guardian Data Destruction is an onsite, single-source solution for decommissioning, data destruction and logistics-providing mobile data erasure and destruction services that eliminate the risk of data breach inherent in transport of live data from customers’ facilities. Guardian provides 100% secure, compliant, absolute data destruction ON SITE, using a NAID-certified process, following the NSA-compliant (DoD) process and using NSA-certified equipment when requested. Headquartered in the New York metro area with 22 mobile continental US locations in most major cities, Guardian Data Destruction is comprised of a bonded team with experience in logistics, chain of custody, and asset destruction, removal, and destruction.  In addition to the 2MM SSD Shredder, Guardian owns and uses high specialized, proprietary hardware and software systems for both destructively and non-destructively erasing digital data from hard drives and large storage farms – delivering mobile results that are secure, compliant and absolute.

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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