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Reverse Logistics for IT asset disposition (ITAD)

improve reverse logistics for ITAD

Procurement departments, IT managers, asset disposition (ITAD) specialists, and  warehouse managers may use the term “reverse logistics” from time to time. What exactly does that mean when it’s not referring to the typical commercial supply chain?

For IT equipment, reverse logistics is the umbrella term that describes the transport of end-of-life, end-of-lease, end-of-contract (the key term here is “end-of…”) to its final destination where it will be remarketed, reused, refurbished or recycled.

Reverse logistics for IT asset disposition is the solution to this challenge:

We are done with [X equipment] here.
We need [X] transported [there].
We need [X]  removed, packed and shipped.
Every piece must arrive on time and be documented because it will be re-[-cycled/-purposed/-deployed/-turned].” 

Evaluate and improve your Reverse Logistics needs

You are shipping:

  • End-of-lease returns or items that are designated for refurbishing, reuse or redeployment that must retain maximum value
  • Devices bound for R2 recycling that need an end-to-end, validated environmentally-responsible process.

Use this questionnaire to help you improve your reverse logistics process and find a vendor that best suits your needs:

1) What are their packing and shipping options? Are they flexible while assuring on time and tracked deliveries?

  • Packing and crating to SOW (from “white glove” to end of life)
  • Delivery anywhere
  • Expedited pickup
  • Regional consolidation
  • Same day, next day, two day, deferred and LTL truckload options

2) Does working with them take less time, less headaches? You’ll want

  • Scheduled pickup times
  • Any size, any quantity, any location
  • Assigned Project Manager and point of contact
  • Email notification and site coordination
  • Swap-outs and rollouts
  • Online order entry portal

3) Do they offer add-on turnkey services so that you have less vendor coordination?

  • NAID AAA Data destruction
  • R2 recycling
  • Make, model and serial number details at pickup
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Custom project site deployment and recovery

4) Do they provide complete Chain of Custody documentation that will stand up to scrutiny (or worse, an audit?)

  • Serial # capturing at pickup
  • Itemized audit for discrepancies
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Certificate of Recycling (if applicable)
  • Asset Transfer Forms (ATF)

When the asset has value or you need accountability, you’ll want combined asset recovery and reverse logistics services to ensure that your IT equipment is delivered to its designated destination on time and intact.

Reverse logistics questions? We have 40 years of logistics experience and 15 years of data destruction so we know your pain. We’re happy to walk through any type of secure shipping project you have. Contact us here.

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