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National Computer Security Day is about everyday data privacy and client confidentiality

Computer Security Day

At Guardian Data Destruction’s most recent all-employee company meeting, there was a distinct, common thread running through every presentation and exercise. Whether it was company growth, marketing, sales, services or processes from shredding hard drives to cleaning onsite, mobile trucks, our collective responsibility is to deliver absolute compliance, data security and client confidentiality. Our partners depend on it. Not just on National Computer Security Day. Every day. 

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Confidentiality is paramount

For every IT asset service Guardian provides — data destruction, secure transport, data center services, pack and ship, custom anything — the start point is the protective custody and disposition of the data. We’re there solely to securely count it, register it, destroy it and/or move it.  

  • The data is more valuable than the device
  • All ITAD, VAR, MSP or reseller information must be kept confidential 
  • All our ITAD, VAR, MSP or reseller’s customer’s information must be confidential
  • No posting on social media of customer information
  • No emailing outside of company domains
  • All Guardian devices must be password protected

Integrity applies to people and service

We know services are what our partners purchase. Delivering those services is the responsibility of the Guardian eTeam. We know that if every decision, every conversation, every deliverable is based on integrity, Guardian will provide a better customer experience. 

Across the US, we make great efforts to hire, train and retain skilled people that are part of the #GuardianFamily. That means that we’re looking for “guardians of data” who put customers first. 

Core values guide everything we do

Guardian’s Core Values reflect our thinking, our actions, our interactions and our project goals. They are central to our company culture and we live up to them every day – regardless of our role. With these values as our pillars, we create value and, again, a better experience for our employees and our customers. 

Professionalism is required

The Guardian eTeam represents our channel partners. For our onsite technicians, we want to present the highest quality of appearance and actions:

  • Must wear company-issued and approved clothing
  • Must carry company ID and government-issued ID
  • Must be trained in their designated onsite activity (shredding, packing, shipping, logistics, decom, etc.)
  • Must be focused and conscious of the security of all data and physical assets onsite
  • Aware that they are always being watched
  • Always escalate questions or project changes to project contact
  • Adherence to NAID AAA Certification and the project SOW

Safety is essential to health and data security

Training and written processes (ask us for a copy) ensure that Guardian’s eTeam is fully protected as data is securely and correctly processed. In addition to PPE, procedural safety and strict adherence to the State of Work (SOW):

  • Unauthorized personnel cannot be within the designated perimeter of Guardian’s onsite, mobile shred trucks
  • Non-Guardian helpers cannot operate the shredder

Security applies to proximity and permissions

Training and written procedures (customer-supplied or our own) ensure that data is processed securely.  In addition to procedural operations, we require:

  • Scanning/auditing/verification of data-bearing devices must be done in a designated, secure area
  • Items must be placed inside secure, locked bins for facility transport to mobile shred trucks or secondary operation locations
  • Non-Guardian helpers must always be directly supervised
  • Information captured by scanning shall be scanned directly onto a company-issued laptop
  • Customer paperwork is kept in a backpack or secure binder
  • Company equipment cannot be unattended
  • Any exceptions are immediately reported to the direct supervisor or project manager

Data destruction is the last line of defense

Most companies don’t think about their data destruction plan until something goes wrong. That’s why it’s imperative that every supplier involved in IT asset disposition understands the weight of their responsibilities and the repercussions of sloppy training, loose processes and undocumented exceptions.

When you’re looking for a provider to erase, shred, degauss, pack, transport, audit or decommission your hardware and ensure data compliance and security, ask about integrity, confidentiality, professionalism, safety practices, certifications, values and culture. Like Guardian, if these qualities are a constant, consistent approach to the business from the top down, you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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