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Secure asset transport for devices and hard drives that have live data

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Not up for debate: the optimal solution for data destruction is onsite data destruction. The truck pulls right up to your loading dock (or back door) and hard drives and tapes are shred right there in front of your very own eyes. Onsite shredding of hard drives and tapes eliminates the risk of transporting (and loss or tampering) live data from your facility to an offsite data destruction processor.

So, what do you do when onsite data destruction is not an option for hard drives or tapes? Or your facility is really remote or inaccessible? And you have assets that are high value or hold live data?

Ask for secure asset transport

For smaller quantities, what you want is secure transport plus tamper-proof, locked and sealed containers to get a flexibly-sized, flexible budget but secure solution for shipping data-bearing devices.

Secure asset transport is flexible and manageable:

  • Any quantity
  • Any device (laptops, tablets, hard drives, tapes, desktops, servers, etc.)
  • Any location for pickup and delivery
  • Logistics options to suit:
    • truckload (exclusive with NO other companies)
    • secure straight truck (no sharing)
    • secure container = sized to need (small quantities)

Secure asset transport is reassuring and built around accountability:

  • Packing (based on disposition)
  • Complete process and tracking visibility
  • Locks and tamper-proof seals on every container or dedicated truck
  • Full chain of custody documentation including Asset Transfer Forms (ATF) generated and signed at pickup and delivery

Everyone has a different secure asset transport problem

Whether your shipping “problem” is just a few hard drives that need shredding or the relocation of an entire (live!) data center, secure asset transport solutions range from a single, small, secure container to a convoy of secure trucks that are never unattended. The decision is based on the value of the equipment and the value of the data. And the value of a data breach.

Secure delivery to any destination

Whether your IT assets are being relocated, returned, remarketed or recycled, shipping data-bearing devices (even really old junk) securely is essential. Whether it is around the world to a different office, across the country to a warehouse or even across town to a processing facility, secure asset transport from a recommended provider ensures that there’s no possibility for a data breach gap any time your asset changes hands.

Don’t let risk get in the way of resolution

Ask your VAR or ITAD for a secure IT asset shipping solution. Guardian offers a wide range of secure asset transport options to fit any shipment specs including variable packing levels, container swap outs and custom solutions for hyper-vigilance or unusual devices.

Our secure container program is based on quantity and type of equipment and ranges from small cases that fit 5-10 hard drives to large, pallet-mounted steel cages. All containers are locked, sealed and transported based on request.

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