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Stage an IT Recycling Event… Good for Business, Good for the Community.

sorting old electronics for recycling

In this digital age, data theft and identity theft are on the minds of every major business and consumer in the country. Aside from shoring up your company’s IT and end-of-life data security, lending a helping hand to your local community’s efforts to improve IT security can often lead to a bigger ROI than just profits alone. With digital technology changing so rapidly, there isn’t a better way to do it than by staging a corporate IT recycling event for the local community. It promises to deliver an even bigger payoff in the eyes of your stockholders as well as the residents in your neighborhood.

With the rapid advancement of digital devices surging from desktop pc’s to smart phones, tablets and now smart tv’s, the need for sound environmental disposal methods has escalated rapidly. In response, local IT recycling events have gained greater importance in the country’s efforts to “Go Green” responsibly. This is especially true for national celebrations like “Earth Day”.

Although many municipalities offer occasional recycling opportunities, it is highly experienced and well-trained companies like Guardian Data Destruction that can implement these events satisfying the most stringent Federal and State compliance guidelines. From hard drive erasure and shredding to e-stewards and R2 compliant e-waste recycling of all electronic devices and other digital technology, Guardian Data Destruction is at the forefront of providing the utmost in compliant services that will result in a much safer environment for green-conscious communities everywhere. We’ve been doing this for major Fortune 500 corporations.


Guardian Data Destruction can now work with corporate management to help inventory this equipment, remove it and wipe clean data, making them ready for lease, return, remarketing or recycling. So for Secure, Compliant, and Absolute end-of-life data protection, contact Guardian Data Destruction today.

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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