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Successful Decomissioning, Destruction, and Recycling Project


This project involved the removal and destruction of hard drives from multiple types and brands of printers that were being replaced including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell and Ricoh. Client requirements included certified hard drive destruction, IT asset removal, and environmentally friendly recycling. This work had to be performed with complete accountability and certification. The printers were located in multiple locations, on multiple floors, across many buildings. All work had to be completed with minimal interruption to the Client’s operations.


Guardian Data Destruction conducted an audit of a major fortune 500 companies’ multiple sites printers and removed all hard drives from the printers. The hard drive serial numbers were captured and documented before destruction. Guardian Data Destruction technicians ensured they were returned to the customers possession with signed asset transfer form. Each printer was audited by serial number to ensure accuracy. The printers were then removed and transported for relocation and or recycling. The Client was able to witness the activities onsite throughout the project. With Guardian’s secure process, all IT assets, including system units and monitors, are serial numbers are captured at all times before they exited the job sites. The printers that were to be recycled were hauled by a bonded courier to the recycling center in accordance with EPA recycling standards. The customer was supplied with full documentation, including asset transfer forms and Certificates of Destruction, Media Shredding and Recycling.


The VAR met its Client’s needs in a highly cost effective and professional manner. In addition to being a profit center in its own right, the decommissioning process facilitated an end to end turnkey upgrade by the VAR, blocking other vendors from any involvement in this project at decommissioning pricing well below that available from PC manufacturers. The Client was delighted with the peace of mind and overall level of service delivered – including convenience, range of data destruction options, timeliness, conformance to industry as well as government standards, and the minimal disruption of their business operations.

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