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Data Center Lift & Shift project seamlessly executed, “Not even a phone call”

The Client

APEX Global Systems is a full-service IT management provider for nursing homes across the US. Their mission is to create, develop and support world-class infrastructure, integration and support of software and hardware that provide the highest level of automation, efficiency and seamless operations for each facility and management group.

Guardian Services

  • Data Center Lift & Shift
  • Cable Mapping
  • Re-cabling
  • Secure Logistics
  • White Glove Packing


  • SaaS
  • IT Technology
  • Healthcare


  • CIO
  • Director of Engineering and Operations

The Challenge

APEX had to move an existing live data center to a single colocation data center. From power down to power up, all equipment migration and complete installation had to take place after hours and over a weekend.

Critical equipment and data all in one place.

Any move of live equipment from one data center to another is complex. From disconnect to reconnect, Guardian carefully orchestrated timing, resources, cables, equipment and trucks. Preplanning, white glove packing, and experienced logistics minimized IT downtime, maintained value of the equipment and resolved any unexpected issues quickly and without residual problems.

No problems. No breakages. Zero complaints.

“On a lift and shift project like this, no matter how much you prepare and look at the details, something is going to go wrong. With Guardian, I didn’t get any notifications of problems, we didn’t get complaints from anyone internally, the data centers or our clients. It was as perfect as it could be.”

The shout out.

“Brendan at Guardian was essential. His detail-oriented nature and pre-project walk-thrus helped make this a very efficient and uneventful project. The what-if scenarios and ability to pivot were essential — especially when I threw Guardian a last minute curveball.”

The Bottom Line

I was pleased with every aspect of working with Guardian. When there are no complaints, nothing is broken and my phone is silent, that’s a job well done.  I’d use them again and would absolutely consider them for data destruction, recycling and logistics work — especially as we onboard new clients and switch out their equipment.”

The Details

This lift and shift data center project consisted of cable mapping, device audit and verification, de-cabling, de-racking, white glove pack, white glove blanket-wrap, secure point-to-point transport, re-rack, re-cable of five enterprise server racks consisting of 72 server and network assets.

Timing was an essential element as the client and the client’s clients were part of the overall planning for backup and offline services for a least disruptive after hours/weekend timeframe. The installed hardware at the destination location was up and running by 6 pm Saturday.

  • 42 assets were white glove packed for storage
  • 30 assets were white glove packed, transported, re-racked and re-cabled to client-supplied cable maps into two racks at the destination facility
  • Server rack equipment included servers, load balancers, fiber optic switches, network servers, storage devices, PDUs and rail (match and pack)

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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