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Data Destruction is a COVID-19 Essential Service FAQs

COVID-19 Facts

Secure data destruction and IT asset disposal, due to industry and national security and privacy concerns, have been included as an “essential service” during the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full statement from the CISA here Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce

Here’s how we’re handling our nationwide COVID-19 response at Guardian Data Destruction to keep client disruptions minimized while adhering to legal, health and common-sense rules:

Are data destruction projects continuing during the coronavirus restrictions?

Yes. Like all industries, data destruction has slowed down nationwide as many businesses shift to work-from-home models and have moved e-media shredding priorities into the coming summer months. However, many businesses still have onsite data destruction needs that due to security concerns, cannot wait.

At Guardian, we are evaluating onsite data destruction requests as they come in, looking carefully at the requirements of the job, the geographic location, the availability and safety of our workers and other logistics. We’re working closely with our VARS to accommodate all our customers as quickly and as safely as we can.  We’re requesting patience as we manage the logistics of getting our personnel onsite and the increased onsite time since crews are reduced to one or two-man operations for safety and health hygiene.

How are remote technicians and workers staying active and safe during this time?

Guardian Data Destruction has technicians located across the US, many who are still working on decommissioning, onsite hard drive and tape shredding security projects in safe geographic areas. As with other industries, our people are not flying and we’re keeping them clear of pandemic hot spots and lockdown geographies as they are identified. Our technicians’ health is our number one priority.

Our New Jersey headquarters currently has a skeleton crew in our warehouse and we have moved our office and management staff to a work-from-home model.  We are focusing on regular and clear updates to our clients and VARS and remaining responsive by phone and email during regular business hours.

Is it possible to keep data destruction technicians and drivers safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Balancing availability and safety, Guardian has temporarily altered our process to a one or two-man team at all times. Our technicians wipe down tools after each job, wash their hands frequently and are not sharing equipment. Our trucks are stocked with disinfecting wipes and our staff are masked. Our goal, as always, is to service our clients as well as possible while protecting our workers and client job sites.

What can customers do now to get ready, so that when this is all over, their data destruction job can be scheduled right away? 

If you’re delaying a data destruction job at this time, there are a few steps you can take during the pandemic so that you can be prepared once restrictions are finally lifted:

  1. Have your assets ready for onsite data destruction. Whether that means doing your own inventory by scanning hard drives or auditing equipment ahead of time, preparing your equipment now can significantly save time as well as money. And, your prep will pave the way for prioritized and streamlined destruction services.
  2. Look ahead. Contact your VAR or data destruction provider today to review projects on the horizon. We’re actively working with clients to understand their delayed or future projects and identify any challenges that we might face or steps that they can take to schedule the project with minimal delays or surprises.
  3. Stay in communication with your VARS with any updates on your geographical status, deadlines or potential security and logistical concerns so that you can get prioritized scheduling.

At Guardian, we’re abiding by local and regional laws that are governing worker safety and public health while being mindful that our clients still have security issues that have been disrupted or future plans that need a framework – COVID-19 or not. For any questions about the data destruction industry’s focus on health and safety or logistics, please contact us.

We encourage anyone to reach out if there’s a project on hold or in the works – whether it’s tapes or hard drives, data center decommissioning or planning for a company-wide equipment refresh. Once we understand your needs, we can focus on helping you make informed decisions by implementing as much advance preparation as possible.

At Guardian Data Destruction, we know that data security and onsite data destruction are important, but we also realize that your electronic office equipment project isn’t as important as you. Stay safe and healthy!

Visit Guardian Data Destruction’s COVID-19 Resource Center for Asset Dispositon and Data Destruction for complete and updated info.

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