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Which electronic data destruction method is best?

The slightest data breach is a risk no company can afford. Demand for safe and thorough sanitization of hard drives when assets reach end-of-life or end-of-lease is growing rapidly. This can include the wiping, erasure or complete destruction. Whether you are a VAR, ITAD company, reseller, or end user, knowing the best destruction method for you is important.

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Hard drive, solid state drive and tape shredding

Shredding is the most secure and cost-effective way to dispose of all types of end-of-life hard drives and media tapes. Hard drive shredding services are ideal for businesses with large quantities, highly sensitive data or a stockpile of old hard drives and media tapes because it is a fast, efficient and cost-effective data sanitization process.

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Hard drive degaussing

Hard drive degaussing is a cost-effective solution for destroying very small quantities of magnetic hard drives or media tapes. Hard drive degaussing exposes equipment to a powerful magnetic field to ensure scrambling of the data. This somewhat time-consuming method is optimal for small and medium sized businesses that are looking for a budget friendly way to destroy old hard drives and media tapes.

Hard drive erasure

Looking for a way to securely destroy the data, but still retain the physical hard drive or SSD? Erasure is the destruction option to use for businesses that have off-lease equipment or hard drives that they want to reuse, redeployment or resell for high remarketing value.

Data erasure is available in a variety of options: enterprise erasure, remote erasure, hyperscale erasure as well as desktop service.

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Data destruction planning

Selecting a data destruction method is dependent on many factors that can include budgets, compliance, contracts and your company’s appetite for risk. At Guardian, we recommend that you start with understanding what’s important to your stakeholders and then creating a data disposition plan that meets those needs.

Your ITAD, VAR, MSP or IT Reseller can help you with this process.  If you don’t know where to turn, talk to Guardian. We’ll help you find a partner that will help you destroy the data and meet your criteria.

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