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Why choose data erasure services instead of shredding? Or degaussing? Or mutilating?

Why choose data erasure services instead of shredding? Or degaussing? Or mutilating?

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Glenn Laga

There’s only one reason to choose data erasure instead of other types of eData destruction: to retain and reuse the hard drive for

  • remarketing or revalue
  • redeployment (onsite or elsewhere)
  • lease return
  • replacement stock unavailable
  • post-data migration
  • data center closure

When there are hard drive shortages or the hard drive is still needed, the only option for 100% data destruction is erasure. Whether it’s a one-pass NIST or three-pass DOD wipe, erasure is the only certified sanitization process that allows the hard drive to be used again.

Hard drive data erasure services best practices

Wiping entire drives is performed by data destruction software programs that overwrite every divisible part of the drive. Complete data destruction by erasure requires software that meets the compliance protocol that your security, compliance and legal team have set. Third-party data destruction providers with NAID AAA certification ensure the highest level of training, security, knowledge and compliance in erasure services.

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Data erasure for any hard drive?

With so many sizes, quantities, form factors, configurations and locations, the expense of erasure is typically offset by the opportunity for reuse instead of replacement. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, enterprise data equipment, copiers, erasure of hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD) is always possible. 

  • Laptops and Desktops
    Instead of formatting a disk or deleting files, wipe away all files and rest easy knowing that the hard drive can be safely reused and be in compliance with government regulations and data protection laws.
  • Enterprise Data Erasure 
    Exceedingly more complex than laptops and desktops, manufacturer designs, configurations, data center environments, operating systems and access can make locating and erasing hard drives in data centers a challenge. 
  • Remote Workforce
    Erase hard drives via the cloud before shipping to reduce the risk of a security breach due to a lost computer with live data. Combine remote erasure with a self-pack program to get a managed, secure process to retrieve home-based assets.
  • Other 
    Devices like printers, copiers, kiosks, scanners and even vehicles have hard drives or SSD drives storing sensitive company information. Yes, erase them!

Guardian’s data erasure services are always secure, compliant and absolute

Erasure is a proven method in the prevention of a data breach and the best way to retain value for all your assets. Unless you’re in an industry that doesn’t legally allow for hard drive erasure instead of shredding, Guardian provides the same security protocols and processes for erasure as we do for shredding:

  • Our erasure technicians use the wiping software of your choice to meet the protocols and standards set by compliance and IT: Blancco, Extreme Protocol Solutions, KillDisk, WhiteCanyon and BitRaser.
  • We’re NAID AAA Certified and lead eData destruction initiatives within the i-SIGMA organization
  • Our chain of custody process including signature hand-offs, full documentation and certificate of erasure with full reporting are unmatched in accuracy and turnaround
  • Guardian’s full range of services – full data center decommissioning, lift and shift, auditing, packing and logistics, inventory validation and reconciliation – means a single vendor and single point of contact for small or complex jobs.
  • Our preparation results in fewer surprises. We bring a full set of protocols, tools, cables and IT inroads to access and then erase any server, storage device or drive.
  • Our experience means that we expect the unusual and look for it. Add-on drives, inaccessible, non-audited hard drives and SSD drives on motherboards are just a few situations we’re on the lookout for.
  • Guardian’s trained technicians are accustomed to working in live, active environments. We follow your security protocols to ensure that downtime and interruptions are minimized during data destruction procedures.
  • Guardian always includes a second data destruction alternative with racking for hard disks that fail the data erasure process.
  • Our nationwide service hubs give us the flexibility to be just about anywhere while providing a singular, defined process for every facility making recordkeeping and tracing that much easier.
  • Our range of data erasure services by device ensures that you’ll have a single provider for any erasure need or asset.

Any device, any size, any location or any disposition plan

Talk to us if you’re looking for secure methods of preserving your hard drives and preserving your data security. Our goal is to give you the options that give you the optimal bottom-line solution that is absolute, secure and compliant.

Guardian erasure options abound Remote Erasure, Enterprise Erasure, Hard Drive Erasure, Copier/Kiosk/Misc Device Erasure.

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