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Why financial firms should care about 2 mm solid state shredding

Why financial firms should care about 2 mm solid state shredding

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So you’re an investment manager, RIA firm, broker/dealer, credit card company, payment processing firm, or hedge fund who has decided that it’s time to put your old IT equipment to rest or you’re gearing up for a refresh. Want to be absolutely certain your confidential information doesn’t accidentally become exhumed by an unintended undertaker? There’s only one way to be 100% sure: 2 mm solid state shredding.

Financial firms, often preyed upon by cybercriminals and high tech electronic trash pickers, should consider using an end-of-life data destruction provider that employs the newest innovation in e-waste removal: 2 mm solid state shredders. This quick video illustrates the difference between a standard 35 mm shredder and a 2 mm solid state shredder which disintegrates solid state hard drives and devices to a fine consistency far beyond the point where any data could be recovered.

The financial industry, long proponents of onsite (mobile) data destruction to ensure both IT and regularly compliance governing chain of custody, can now destroy any solid state apparatus onsite. Unable to be shredded in a most data destruction shredders, solid state components are in a wide range of devices including hard drives, circuit boards, tablets, and cell phones. Mobile data destruction enables shredding to take place at corporate or warehouse locations, eliminating the need for the additional steps transporting and safeguarding data equipment destined for obliteration. This year, Guardian introduced their mobile, NSA-compliant 2MM SSD Shredder. to meet the security needs for companies seeking shredding for solid state devices. Not specific to just financial companies, the Guardian 2MM SSD Shredder is designed for any private or public company that is concerned about the risk of data theft and wants an onsite solution.

What is your company doing about the complete and secure destruction of solid state devices? Does your hardware vendor provide 2 mm shredding options? Are you concerned about NSA compliance? Does your industry regulate the destruction of devices, including solid state, and include a standard that you’re challenged with adhering to?

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