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The Client needed to erase 5 terabytes of data on logical hard drives in an out sourced data hosting farm. This erasure had to meet DOD standards and, since the hard drives were shared, traditional on-site data erasure and destruction approaches could not be used. Over a period of several months, the Client unsuccessfully contacted numerous vendors seeking a solution. Finally, with one week left on their lease, the Client turned to their Asset Disposition Company who has been a very successful reseller of Guardian’s on-site data erasure and destruction services.


The reseller scheduled a conference call with Guardian and, when it was determined that the Client’s needs were beyond GDD’s normal scope of service, GDD brought their software development team on the call. This led to a conceptual solution that met all of the customer’s requirements. GDD modified its standard software that erases physical drives so that it could access logical drives, confirm their identity, and then erase them. A portal was then created for access to the data hosting farm so that the erasure operations could be performed remotely. The final result was that the code was modified and deployed, the DOD Erasure was performed and tested, and a Certificate of Data Destruction listing detail for all the logical drives and sectors was created. All work was performed within the critical one week window.


After months of dead ends, the Client’s requirements were fully met in an innovative, cost effective manner. This solution sale strengthened the Asset Disposition Company’s position with the Client – and created relationships at a more senior level than had been in place before the project. Additionally with the development of this new technology, the Asset Disposition Company has significant long term opportunities with several data hosting farm operators as well as major users of this type of storage service.

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