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Dale Hurteau

Enterprise Engagement Manager, Business Development

With thirty-plus years of IT experience, Dale Hurteau started in IT Supplemental Staffing. From there he moved into business development for ITAD managed services focused on developing IT asset disposition solutions for Fortune 500 companies. In 2001, a telecom client hd an unusual service request: onsite data destruction. Working with a trusted vendor, Dale simultaneously solved the client’s problem and was instrumental in the formation of Guardian Data Destruction. Dale eventually went on to form Ideas Group IT, a regional ITAD company focused on data centers and processing idle IT assets for businesses ranging from SMB to Fortune 50. After over ten successful years, Dale returned to Guardian in 2021 to manage large-scale and complex enterprise data center projects. Today, Dale has expanded his role across all Guardian services. As the Client Success Manager, he is responsible for working with company partners to develop end-to-end solutions and nurture Guardian new enterprise business. When he’s not onsite for a project or blinded by his 6-screen computer, you’ll find Dale on a Michigan golf course, woodworking or hanging with family or clients with a smoky bourbon in hand.

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ESG and Electronic Data Destruction: Understanding Governance

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