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E-waste Data Destruction and ESG: Social Improves Outcomes

Including ESG evaluations as an essential component of their e-waste Data Destruction vendor relationship is becoming more important to public companies and their investors. In fact, as we’re hearing from our own customers and from industry events like the IAITAM Conference and ITAD Summit, it’s trickling down to the vendors of vendors.

So does ESG matter for electronic data destruction providers?

ESG reports highlight a company’s “overall outlook”. More simply, it’s an assurance to the customer and partner: “Are we working with some good people?” 

  • Do they care about the earth? How are they showing it?
  • Are their employment practices fair and enriching? How can they prove it?
  • Do they have processes and governance in place to deliver what’s required?

ESG and E-Waste Data Destruction – the Guardian way

In addition to Guardian’s environmental policies and efforts (read them here) which are inherent to the electronic data destruction industry as “the undertakers of the IT world”, we have a unique philosophy: focus on building positive relationships that enrich the company and each individual. 

Welcome to the Guardian Family.

#GuardianFamily is the Social in ESG

The “Guardian Way” is a philosophy based on fairness, integrity, ethics and humanity. To us, it’s inclusive of our employees and their families, our clients and their goals, our communities and our involvement in industry organizations. 

The #GuardianFamily hashtag is a symbol of our commitment to creating long-term and beneficial connections. We’re proud of the small and big efforts that make Guardian a work family and not just work:

  • Our Core Values, imprinted at every company meeting and posted in common spaces, reflect our commitment to customers, integrity and employees.

  • Guardian provides a daily, home-cooked lunch to every onsite employee and guest. Our open kitchen is stocked with healthy snacks and refreshments that are available to all.
  • Advanced education and industry-related certifications including CDL licensing and CompTIA, a national IT educational non-profit, are open and available to all employees.
  • We hire and promote from within the Guardian organization and offer referral fees to employees who lead us to new hires.
  • Our on-premise gym is open to all employees, and we encourage everyone to utilize the services of our professional health trainer who is onsite two days a week.
  • We support community-based programs that make a difference. LaptopUpcycle.org uses donations of laptop bags and IT peripherals to distribute laptops to low-income students who cannot afford a home computer. 
  • As part of community outreach, we’ve organized and participated in events to feed COVID first responders and collect non-perishable donations for food banks; supported our regional medical center with employee-based giving campaigns; and keep our commitment to supporting 9-11 fundraising efforts for families of first responders.
  • We offer employees emergency funds and resources for natural disasters; summer employment and internship programs for their students and children; and, ongoing knowledge and greater technical training to our employees interested in better opportunities and rising within the company. 
  • We are supporters of technical training institutions including Eastwick College, Lincoln Tech, Felician College and county trade schools. We hire from these programs and provide rotating warehouse-based technician positions that fulfill internship graduation requirements.
  • We reward employees for the extra mile, consistent work and contributions above and beyond. In addition to our annual recognition awards, our company trivia and customer compliment rewards, we surprise our national team with unscheduled, fully-paid “mental health days” to spend time with family and regroup.
  • We believe that team building through time together and fun is intrinsic to our culture and success. Our annual “all-hands” company meeting brings us together for meals at a common table while focusing on training, company initiatives and employee recognition and awards. And, we end the day with a good time; our most recent company meetings concluded with a family-inclusive evening at the American Dream Mall’s amusement park. Throughout the rest of the year, we plan #GuardianFamily events including paintball, professional sporting events, fishing trips, birthday parties, holiday BBQs and seafood boils.

Data security is serious work and we depend on our employees to fulfill our customer promise: secure, compliant, absolute. The Guardian staff work long hours, drive long days, fly around the country, are mindful of the Guardian processes for the job at hand and contribute immeasurably to our overall growth and service expansion.

Never mind ESG… we’re committed to do the best for our workforce, their families and our customers. We are #GuardianFamily. Social improves our workforce and the work they do for our clients.


We invite our ITAD, VAR, MSP and reseller partners to talk to us about how Guardian implements ESG initiatives, and we accept any challenge, small or significant, for improvement. Whether you’re our partner, a processor or a customer, we want you to be confident that you’re working with the best.

Read more about electronic data destruction and the environmental of ESG  and the governance of ESG.  

Or read our full ESG statement here. For any ESG questions or comments, please contact Guardian Data Destruction’s ESG Coordinator, Michelle Keegan.

With Guardian Data Destruction, you'll never have to worry or second-guess.

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