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6 post-COVID reasons to include data destruction in your Earth Day work event

Shred Your Next Earth Day Event

April is the harbinger of Earth Day – a renewed and energetic effort toward environmental stewardship and community leadership. For many ITADs, VARs, resellers and their customers, it’s an opportune occasion to launch an impactful data destruction and IT asset collection event.

Reasons to consider a supercharged, post-COVID IT Asset Earth Day:

1. Abandoned COVID IT hardware is everywhere (and loaded with data)

IT equipment was just left in place when COVID work restrictions went into effect. As an example, Guardian is now auditing, inventorying and shredding hard drives from entire floors and buildings that have been untouched and unmonitored for years. Then it’s packed and shipped out for redeployment, (late) lease return or recycling.  

2. Refresh programs are back….

As companies reorganize their workers, delayed IT refresh programs are rolling out. That means that IT asset managers are pulling in end-of-life assets from… everywhere including homes, closets and offsite locations. Reverse logistics and self-pack and remote erasure programs increase refresh and restock success rates 

3. The MIA

Between shut-down, reshuffles and attrition, there’s equipment that’s fallen between the cracks, misplaced or just forgotten. As these IT assets surface, data destruction and disposition are part of the IT asset rebalancing.

4. An uplifting community event is needed

Including personal IT devices from staff, friends and family members is a visible and generous way to kick off and reinforce corporate “green” policies. And, combining forces with your strategic partners creates a high energy,  community-building event that generates enthusiasm and publicity while promoting data security and zero waste.

5. Round up the unsecured, home-based IT

Families were desperate for computers for remote learning. It’s not surprising to anyone that forgotten work computers are now Johnny’s school laptop. Offering data destruction (erasure) instead of shredding ensures that proprietary data and software are removed but the computer can be used for continued learning.

6. Include an amnesty program

Increase the success of your Earth Day festival with a company-wide amnesty program. All unassigned, unclaimed or untracked IT equipment can be turned in for data destruction, grading and IT asset disposition without ownership repercussions.

Combine a shred-fest and computer recycling day

Get those computers back and solve the data vulnerability problem with a high-visibility show – every IT asset was borrowed, bought, left behind, tucked away or shared. Not only are you destroying any freewheeling data but it’s an opportunity to gather and grade outstanding IT equipment and assess future needs. 

A hard drive shred truck makes it more exciting

Chomp. Crush. Crunch. There’s no sound more reassuring than the rotating teeth of an onsite hard drive shed truck. The excitement of employees, clients, friends and the public as they watch their hard drives completely destroyed right in front of their eyes (and ears) cannot be underestimated! 

Only Earth Day?

Of course not! Earth Day is every day! No matter the occasion or impetus, you can create an IT data destroying hoopla that protects your IT assets and makes a difference.

As your asset management team plans for post-COVID IT distribution and retrieval, talk to your VAR or ITAD about creating a fun, memorable event that lets your company take the lead in responsible recycling and responsible data management.

If you’re a VAR, ITAD or reseller seeking a partner that delivers IT asset trust, compliance, absolute data destruction (and the party), talk to us. Whether it’s high- security data projects or a parking lot publicity event, our support is everything you need.

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