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Celebrate Data Privacy Day with a Data Privacy Week Wrap-up

Celebrate data privacy day, wrap up

It’s here! Data Privacy Day – the annual day that aims to inspire dialogue, empower individuals and kickstart companies into protecting stored personal information. If you’re unaware of your data privacy storage and data destruction processes, today is your day to look under the hood (if you missed the start of our weeklong series, go here).

John Shegerian weighs in on data privacy  

Not just the co-founder of the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition company in the US, John Shegerian is an author, panelist and authority on recycling. His company ERI has paved the way for the electronic recycling, data protection and ITAD industries and he knows firsthand the dangers of data access from end of life IT assets.

“It is critical – now more than ever before – that businesses make it a priority to safeguard the data stored on electronic devices. Not enough organizations pay attention to the potential of a compromising breach via the electronics hardware they use … and what happens to that confidential information and its stored data at asset disposition.  For environmental, social and governance (ESG) purposes and for companies committed to a circular economy (where devices are not thrown away after they are used but broken down responsibly so that all materials can be used in the making of new products), these devices should be responsibly managed so that all the materials extracted from the devices are diverted from landfills and put to beneficial re-use. When that happens, part of the process should also always include complete, physical data destruction.  

Guaranteed data destruction is critical. Some companies believe their data is being wiped when they drop devices off for recycling and that is not always the case. Also, unethical and illegal shipping of e-waste abroad has become an additional layer to the hardware security issue because it leads to the wholesale liquidation of our national security and the privacy of the corporations and individuals of the United States. Recycling these devices is important, but it must be done the right way. Make sure your e-waste recycler or ITAD services provider is NAID certified and taking care of it domestically.” 

John Shegerian

Data Privacy Week wrap-up

For Data Privacy Day, take some or all of the advice from these IT industry specialists to heart. Use their expert advice and experiences to seek out, tackle and close any gaps in your own data privacy policy and processes. And, of course, reach out to them with questions and concerns.  Here is Guardian Data Destruction’s Data Privacy Week in review:

Melissa Graham (SHI International):

“…Data Privacy Day is an opportunity for any company to step back, take a breath and see where their data resides in this increasingly hybrid environment. How can you create robustness and resiliency in data storage? How can you ensure that remote workers are following data security protocols? What do you do to destroy data on devices in the field before they are shipped and vulnerable to theft? How is your procurement department balancing risk and costs? “

Read Melissa’s full data privacy focus in What is Data Privacy Day and why should you care?

Eric Ingebretsen (TES):

“…for Data Privacy Day, we recommend evaluating your partners and downstream third-party provider vetting process. It should be robust enough to adhere to your company’s stringent policies and procedures covering compliance with government regulations, experience with industry standards, the highest level of certifications and untarnished financial and legal records.”

Go to Data Privacy Day expands to Data Privacy Week. Here’s what the experts want you to know for Eric’s complete recommendation on data security and privacy.

Joe Marion (ASCDI):

“…On Data Privacy Day, the ASCDI honors its members for respecting customer data and privacy in the reuse of IT and communications equipment processes. ASCDI membership requires strict adherence our Code of Ethics and a commitment to protecting customer data and the environment through the ASCDI ITAD Certify program.”

Go to Data Privacy Week: Finding trusted vendors that align with your company asset management policies to read Joe’s advice for starting a vendor search.

Christian Foster (CircleIT):

“…Data security is also critical to small businesses and consumers. When assessing vendors look for companies that offer secure IT asset services that serve your company goals and your employees’ personal needs – especially those of remote workers.”

Go to Data Privacy Week: Finding trusted vendors that align with your company asset management policies to read Christian’s full recommendation for companies looking for security and sustainability

Eric Dorn (Sipi Asset Recovery)

“…For Data Privacy Week, protect the privacy of all your customer and company data with the winning combination of secure onsite data destruction and/or encryption for all devices and a secure chain of custody process. No matter how large or small the shipment, the process should include barcode scanning and inventory as you pack and ship and signature verification at every handoff to the carrier. With a strict chain of custody process that is adhered to, you’ll significantly reduce the opportunity for an accidental or nefarious data breach and keep your brand reputation intact. 

Join Eric Dorn’s data privacy nightmare: What Keeps Me Up at Night.

Take the day to make a privacy plan

According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of U.S. adults are concerned about the way their data is being used by companies. The National Cybersecurity Alliance recommends three steps to build a strong privacy plan to keep sensitive information secure. 

  1. Conduct an assessment of your data collection practices – locally, nationally or globally. Determine if it is secure, processed in a fair manner and collected/saved for true need. Do not forget oversight and responsibility for partners and vendors as you are ultimately responsible.
  2. Adopt a privacy framework to manage risk throughout your organization. See NIST Privacy Framework, AICPA Privacy Management Framework, ISO/IEC 27701 – International Standard for Privacy Information Management
  3. Create a company culture of privacy through education and reinforcement

We’ve all seen what happens when data breaches or unethical practices regarding data privacy are revealed in the news and the courts. Respecting consumer, client and employee privacy can inspire trust and enhance reputation and business growth. Take today, Data Privacy Day, as the opportunity to reach into your organization and reach out to your partners and vendors for input on creating a safe environment and a smart process for handling data from acquisition to destruction.And, reach out to Guardian Data Destruction if we can help with your data destruction, IT asset logistics and data center needs. Or, refer you to a VAR and ITAD who follows the highest standards of data privacy practices.

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