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Certifications and Standards that excite IT Asset Managers

Certifications & Standards

At IAITAM ACE 2022, standards and certifications were dropped into every presentation or lit up in the vendor booths. What are these IT asset-related rules or standards? Do they apply to you? Are they voluntary or an industry requirement? And who sets them?

We’ve developed this comprehensive list of certifications (from these listed organizations) to help you navigate what you may have heard at IAITAM or around any ITAD watercooler. 

ITAM-industry Certifications and Standards List

ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Certification

ADISA Certification Limited provides UK GDPR-focused, voluntary certification of processes, devices and software used for data sanitization. 

Visit ADISA.global  >

AS9100 – General Aerospace Quality Certification 

AS9110 – Aerospace Repair Quality Certification

AS9120 – Aerospace Supplier Quality Certification

The aerospace (aviation, space and defense) industry has special requirements for quality management. These aerospace standards (AS) are released by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and are based on the ISO 9001 standard. “The IAQG sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain of the aerospace industry.”  

IAQG certification includes ISO 9001 certification and ISO/IEC 17021-1, 9104-1, and 9101.

IAQG offers education, membership, training, events, an online information portal, accreditation and third-party certification for aerospace vendors and suppliers. Certification is often a requirement for manufacturers of aircraft components and materials, designers of aerospace parts and assemblies, quality management organizations used by aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

Visit International Aerospace Quality Group >

CAMP – Certified Asset Management Professional

CAMSE – Certified Asset Management Security Expert

CHAMP – Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional

CITAD – Certified IT Asset Disposition

CITAM – Certified IT Asset Manager

CMAM – Certified Mobile Asset Manager 

CSAM – Certified Software Asset Manager 

This range of ITAM professional certifications from IAITAM, the International Association of IT Asset Managers, are global benchmarks in IT asset management standards and continuing education. The certifications focus on general and specialty IT asset management practices to best serve ITAM, SAM, HAM and the IT asset management lifecycle processes within any organization.

IAITAM offers education, events, training, membership and certification. Certification can be personally motivated or by an enterprise’s drive to improve ROI, accountability, leadership, environmental stewardship, risk-mitigation, social responsibility, data security and legal compliance.

Visit IAITAM.org >

Guardian Data Destruction is a proud member of IAITAM. See all our membership and certifications > 

Ask for a copy of our most recent IAITAM ACE presentation: Uncommon places your company data may be stored (and waiting for a breach. 

Certified B Corporation

Developed and certified by the nonprofit organization B Lab, Certified B corporations meet published “high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.” This includes a legal commitment to be accountable to all stakeholders, public performance transparency and a reviewed, high level of social and environmental action. 

B Corp Certifications are voluntary and based on size, revenue, and industry. Interest in becoming a Certified B Corporation aligns with company ESG goals and is a recognizable symbol of their commitment to being responsible by doing social and environmental good.

Visit B Lab  >

Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) Accreditation

Certified Secure Destruction Specialists are advisory experts on industry information, regulations, costs, processes, and best practices for secure data destruction. They must pass a competency exam and stay up to date by completing annual CEU (continuing ed credits).

Visit i-SIGMA.org >

Learn about CSDS accreditation >

e-Stewards Certification 

For electronics recyclers, refurbishers, asset managers and materials recovery operations, e-Stewards Certification is a global, facility-wide commitment to responsible and ethical recycling. e-Stewards V4.1 certification requires either ISO 14001 or RIOS certification for EMS and includes enhanced data security from NAID AAA certification.

e-Stewards offers education and volunteer opportunities for recyclers, enterprises and consumers and third-party certification for recyclers. e-Stewards Certification is typically driven by supplier and customer requirements, a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, data security and legal compliance.

Visit e-Stewards >

Learn about e-Stewards v4.1 >

ISO 9001 Certification – Manage quality

ISO 13485 Certification – Manage lifecycle quality for medical devices

ISO 14001 Certification –  Manage environmental responsibilities

ISO 27001 Certification – Manage information security

ISO 45001 Certification – Manage Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

ISO/IEC 19770-1 Certification – Manage ITAM practices (coming Summer 2022)

The International Standards Organization (ISO), an independent, non-governmental group, has developed over 24,316 industry-specific standards with corresponding certifications to formalize “the best way to do something”. This focus on quality encompasses safety, dependability, consistency, design and development, IT security, energy consumption, and the environment.

The EIC (International Electrotechnical Commission) develops international standards for electrotechnology products (i.e., anything electric, electronic and related) as well as standardized terms, symbols, compatibility, measurement, and performance.

For businesses and organizations, certification of  ISO standards, including the upcoming ITAM certification (ISO/IEC 19770-1), demonstrates a commitment to quality and efficiency and develops trust with customers while ensuring alignment with international best practices.

ISO offers education, international standards and third-party certification. Certification is typically driven by brand needs, quality positioning in the marketplace, and staying relevant with new standards.

See the full list of ISO standards >

View the IEC technical committees >

Visit ISO.org >

Visit IEC.ch >

NAID AAA Certification

NAID AAA certification is an international standard for electronic data destruction, security and compliance. It is one of three certifications offered by i-SIGMA to develop and enforce rigorous standards and compliance for secure information destruction. i-SIGMA’s NAID AAA Certification offers IT Asset Managers secure safeguards for protecting personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, and data compliance as part of a data destruction or IT Asset program.

i-SIGMA offers education, memberships and certification for all types of information destruction service providers. Certification is driven by supplier and customer requirements and a commitment to data security and privacy.

Guardian Data Destruction is a proud member of i-SIGMA and NAID AAA certified. See all our membership and certifications > 

Understanding the value of NAID AAA Certification >

Visit i-SIGMA.org >

Learn more about NAID AAA Certification >

R2 / R2V3 Responsible Recycling Certification

SERI is the non-profit home and ANSI-accredited standards developer of the R2 (Responsible Reuse and Recycle) standard. R2 is a worldwide recycling certification for the responsible, sustainable disposition of used electronics with the goal of zero eWaste and a full circular economy for electronics. 

R2’s latest ANSI-approved version, R2V3, addresses the ever-changing recycled electronics market, data privacy and global environmental concerns. R2 principles and best practices are meant to protect the planet and enrich lives by providing a flexible framework for decisions that minimize human and environmental impact while maximizing social and economic value. 

SERI offers education, volunteerism, advisory opportunities, and third-party R2 certification for recyclers worldwide. Certification is typically driven by supplier and customer requirements and a commitment to sustainability.

Visit SERI >

Learn about R2V3 >

RIOS Certified Recycler

Overseen by the Global Recycling Standards Organization (GRSO), the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) is a voluntary, audited level of recycling compliance and processes that includes facility operations and quality, environmental impact, and worker health and safety. From Scrap News, “More than 15 years ago, ISRI and its members had the foresight to seek a solution to the regulation management problem…RIOS™ was a risk-based system designed to help facilities organize, maintain, and understand all their compliance issues, while also improving efficiency, consistency, employee buy-in and a myriad of other benefits.”

RIOS offers education, membership levels and third-party certification for recyclers worldwide. Certification may be driven by compliance for insurance, suppliers, customers or to meet the EHS requirements of R2 or E-Stewards certifications.

Visit RIOS >

Visit ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc >

Understanding this ITAM guide

There are a lot of certifications and the process of getting certified can be long and expensive. It is essential to know which industry standards are important to your market, suppliers and customers. For IT asset managers who are tasked with quality standards – however that is defined – understanding how a certification can affect your business and reputation is critical. 

Delivering IT services to the ITAM market

This guide to certifications and standards is the fourth in our series direct from IAITAM 2020: Top 7 ITAD Trends and Takeaways, a comprehensive list of ITAM Industry Acronyms, Abbreviations, Jargon and Terms and the Agencies and Industry Organizations IT Asset Managers Need to Know.

If you are looking for a VAR or ITAD, we can help. We work with the largest and best of general and industry-specific agencies that can support you.

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