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2023 in Review: How to improve EOL data security and data privacy

As the end of 2023 looms, Guardian Data Destruction’s fleet and technicians are dashing all over the country (chimney drops are prohibited) to wrap up a lot of end-of-year projects for ITADs, VARs, MSPs and resellers. Christmas puns aside, it’s also a good time to reflect on the year.

The first of Guardian’s Core Values is “Business and individual growth through ongoing education and improvement. In that spirit, we’ve taken stock of our 2023 online educational content and organized it as a one-stop reference; a single source guide from a single source services provider!

Are you debating the merits and pitfalls of device wiping vs shredding?

Start by understanding the standards. DoD 5220.22 has been replaced with NIST 800-88 Clear and Purge and work with stakeholders to validate and verify these 15 reasons why you should develop a data sanitization process mix of both shredding and  data erasure. And for IT asset managers, here’s a detailed guide to developing a hybrid data destruction policy that fits your organization.

You’re prepared. You’re detailed. What could go wrong?

These 9 mini case studies focus on what happens when the scope changes (overnight!) on data center and data destruction projects. Project changes are not always preventable but it helps to have a structured process to fall back on to get the project completed on time without a security gap.  And, consider getting up close and personal with every device. If you do, you might find newer data storage form factors are still installed and not sanitized on retired, shipped IT assets. We’ve seen it. In fact, here’s how Guardian discovered 18,000 GB of unknown, unidentified and unrecorded server data storage in a 1-day audit.

Something else to worry think about… switches, firewalls, routers and remote management controllers with network IP and other security keys.

Here’s how to reduce risk in enterprise data destruction: reset data center factory defaults to flush residual access data and terminate unauthorized network access.

Take some advice from the experts

We talked to industry experts at ERI, SHI, ASCDI, TES, Sipi and more to learn how to tighten data privacy and data security to prevent a data breach.

How-tos and checklists make life easier

At Guardian, we’re all about the written, documented process. It makes our teams more efficient, it helps our customers get jobs completed on time and accurately, and it’s the backbone of project escalations and resolutions. This year, we provided three different guides:

Trends to know

The radical, new hard disk drives in data center storage technology

As we close out the year, we invite you to send us questions about topics you’d like to see in 2024. Clarifications? Approaches? Best practices?

If you’re a VAR, ITAD, MSP or reseller, our goal is to provide you with the educational tools to help your customer decide the most secure and compliant method of sanitization and IT asset disposition for their electronic data storage in desktops, laptops and data centers. Learn more about how we work with you here.

If you’re looking for data destruction, data center deco or relos, or secure IT packing and logistics, Guardian Data Destruction experts can help you with recommendations including a qualified channel partner to help you get the work done – securely with the process and documentation you need.Learn more about the wholesale services we provide>

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