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How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day: 11 Proactive Ideas to Protect Your Company and Clients

How to celebrate data privacy day

International Data Privacy Day, January 28, isn’t just for IT asset managers, asset disposition and IT personnel. It’s a global opportunity to create data privacy and security awareness and engagement throughout the enterprise.

Our Data Privacy Day recommendations

As data security and compliance experts, how to celebrate Data Privacy Day 2024 is full of possibilities:

  1. Data storage use, litigation and technology (including the internet) have changed skyrocketed since 1981. Understand the history and context of Data Privacy Day to understand regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS and European Union’s GDPR that affect your business. 

See US regulations governing data destruction for your industry >

data privacy day celebration
  1. Keep your business’s online presence safe with helpful resources from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.
  2. Review your IT Risk Management Plan process. When was the last time it was updated? Does it include input from essential stakeholders? Has it been updated with new data storage technologies, locations and vendors?
  3. Create a checks and balances system as part of your asset disposal policy to ensure that data storage hardware isn’t walking out the door due to a lack of documentation or a visual inspection protocol.
  4. Review all data handling vendors to ensure they are following your company’s policies and protocols. Are they providing Certificates of Data Destruction that include product serial numbers? How are they handling loose drives? What is your process for storing assets? Returning leased equipment? Secure logistics from A to B?
  5. Forget DOD 5220.22 standards for e-media shredding and erasure. Instead, become familiar with the Federal Government’s NIST SP 800-88 R1 “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” to ensure that you are employing the most secure data sanitization process for your IT assets.
The Ultimate NIST 800-88 Reference Guide   Your cheatsheet for NIST IT asset disposal, enter your information and download the guide today!  
  1. Get familiar with newer (much smaller) data storage form factors and flash technology that may be missed in your data destruction checklists.
  2. Take stock of every IT asset that is storing data. Use this list to get started. 
  3. Don’t forget about data center network hardware with IP addresses. Factory resets of switches, firewalls, routers and remote management controllers can seal off a cybersecurity back door.
  4. Pay attention to the experts. Read data privacy priorities from experts at SHI, TES, ERI, SIPI and more.
  5. Engage your entire organization with a positive, internal messaging campaign to evangelize best practices and set the baseline.

Hi Fred,

On Sunday, January 28, the world is observing Data Privacy Day!

At Acme Co, we see Data Privacy Week (ending on 1/28) as the perfect opportunity to talk about data security and review the company’s privacy policies. We’d like to share some tips and tricks for protecting your personal privacy as well. Here’s what to expect:



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Let’s keep our data safe – together!


How to Celebrate Data Privacy Day

We’re focused on providing best-in-class services to make sure that your company is protected. Guardian Data Destruction works hand-in-glove with your preferred ITADs, VARs, MSPs and resellers to ensure that all residual data is shredded, wiped or degaussed so that Data Privacy Day is every day. 

If you have questions about our tips or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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